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19 April 2014

One of the changes I am making is to divide the program onto two disk images. The reason is simple. The one image is almost full, so I need another way to hold all the files. Disk 1 will be the program disk. It will contain the CMDS, DATA and DEFS directories. DEFS will include the ErrorCodes.DAT file, for those wishing to use ErrorCodes. The root directory will also contain a script file named delf. This script is for deleting the files generated by decode, although with the new options available in decode, this file may not be of much use.

Disk two will contain the SOURCE and DOCS directories, along with the ErrorCodes.lzh archive. Both disks will contain the filelist file that identifies all files and directories on that disk.

In previous versions, createDB was included as a source-only file because the DATA directory and files were already created. I have made changes to createDB, so now the CMDS directory on disk one has the new createDB module packed and ready to use. This version deletes the files if they already exist before creating the new files. CAUTION: If you set your personal preferences with setOpts and then recreate the data files, you will lose your personal options settings. A future version of createDB will account for this and preserve your settings.

18 April 2014

I am going to be releasing decode v1.2.9 in the next few days. I decided to go ahead and put the new revision document on the site so you can see what it contains.

I am beginning work on a new user guide. Because there is manual work that has to be done to complete the process of retrieving the source code, there are files being generated by decode. Those files, along with the user guide, will allow anyone who understands Basic09 syntax and coding to complete the process themselves. It can be a time-consuming task with larger modules, but the smaller modules will be much easier to complete. This step in the process will only be necessary as long as decode cannot complete it successfully. This problem has existed since DCom 1.0. I will continue to work on its resolution. In the meantime, users will have the files and the guide to aid them.

I will post to this blog, and to the cocolist, as soon as the release is uploaded, and again when the user guide is completed.

09 April 2014

I have been making much progress with decode. It now deals with the windows through the options, and all prompting (except to press enter when at the end of a window listing) is gone. The overlays now use the color options to determine which colors you see, and you can change them with the color picker in setOpts. There are only eight colors available, due to a hardware limitation in the CoCo3 text windows. I am also adding the options to control which files produced by decode will be written.

With so much going on, I decided it was time to clear the page, so to speak. I have moved all previous entries to this blog onto Page 1 so this page would be available to carry the next set of changes to decode. There is a link in the box to the right also.

Look forward to new documentation in the near future as well. I have been updating the source with better comments, and have begun work on the decode user guide. I will create a pdf when it is finished, and there will also be a version on this site linked from this page.